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Benta Wiley
Architecture, Interior & Spatial

Italy & EU

Benta’s brand of design sensitivity has been a key catalyst in her defining career that has set her apart from other design practitioners, making her a much sought after Architect in northern Italy and regions beyond. Her years of work-travel has inspired her and plays a huge influential aspect towards her approach and style in architectural and interior design.

Having been born in Australia and studied in Milan, Benta graduated from Politecnico di Milano with a honours’ degree in architecture. Later year, she went on further to pursue and complete her international PhD with Pescara University of Architecture in Portugal. She started her creative career working and living as a press and communication consultant for the fashion industry in Paris. Benta has since applied her expertise throughout Europe and Asia with some of the world’s leading design and development companies. Benta was an award winner in the Singapore Design Council Awards in 2015. In addition, she has also taught design and interior branding at both Politecnico di Milano and Libera University of Arts in Bologna. Till today, Benta is actively involved in academic teaching and she has been invited to be guest lecturer in many university and institutions throughout Asia.