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Eric Hung
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Greater China

Eric is a living embodiment of a progressionist.  He believes that when one exercises their greatest capabilities, we can all contribute and make significant betterment to the individual and society alike. Eric's greatest strength is his penchant to think bigger, yet he stays grounded. He understands that nothing is permanent, and to attain self-actualisation, one needs to continuously seek a path worth pursuing. 

Since 2002, Eric had seen himself voyaging into entrepreneurship with different industries; from advertising and media, packaging machinery to automated integration. His strong understanding of the global market environment enables successful product-strategy development with a focus on profitability, and his ability to anticipate market trends also helps clients to identity their gaps and designs solutions to close them. 

Eric had the pleasure of working closely together with industry giants like Delphi Corporation(USA), El Swedy Group(Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Algeria), Furukawa Electric (Japan) and Pacific Electric Wire & Cable (Taiwan). Unmistakably, these are the companies with the common passion for human-technological innovation, pan-global ambitions, and have the capacity to inspire. 

Eric's desire for progress parallels with AUGHT's vision of purposeful progression. As AUGHT’s business partner and representative in Taiwan, Eric is determined to help serve the clients of both countries to diversify, unearth potential and bring a whole new world of values to their businesses.



Eric很開心能有幸能與幾家國際企業龍頭合作,例如Delphi Corporation德爾福公司(美國), El Swedy Group電信電纜公司(沙烏地阿拉伯, 埃及, 敘利亞, 阿爾及利亞), Furukawa Electric古河電氣工業株式會社 (日本) 以及Pacific Electric Wire & Cable 太平洋電線電纜股份有限公司(台灣)。無庸置疑的,上述公司皆具有開發人類創新科技的熱情、推廣業務至泛全球的野心,以及啟發他人的能力。