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Differentiate by Design

Differentiate by Design

More and more businesses are recognising design as a competitive advantage for them. When an organisation adopts design principles into its operations, it is making a conscious effort to innovate its business, and this distinguishes itself from its competitors. We are part of this conscious effort to help potential clients to innovate their businesses for the future and to differentiate by design.



Design together

Co-ownership of design is essential for our team to understand our rationale better, and for our clients to witness the importance of design in their creative endeavours. We believe that keeping an open dialogue through collaboration can further foster mutual understanding and respect, and making the design process more joyous for all.


Designing for Disruptors

Successful entrepreneurs are creative thinkers and problem solvers. Due to their atypical nature, they are one of the most creative people to learn from. We have the opportunity to work with some of the brightest business disruptors to truly define their brands and to genuinely create something that matters for their businesses. Ingenious and individualistic, to co-create the brand with these innovators together, sometimes we have to be our own disruptors.


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Swift and Simplify

Misspelling of brand stories or messages is like playing a game of Chinese whispers, where the final tale is a scant resemblance of the original intent. We believe that clarity can be achieved by keeping the team lean and nimble and making everyone more inclusive and accountable for their roles. This simplifies the process and enhances our readiness. Most importantly, it empowers the client with the ability to bring an idea across swiftly without any hindrance. Hence, focusing on building something more substantial with a quicker turnaround.



Economically Scalable

The ever-growing impact and influence of social media is making more companies diving into momentary marketing with a higher rate of frequency. The challenge for the marketer is to balance the given resources and to meet the expectation within the limited timeframe. Scalability is key to achieving economic efficiency by streamlining the project management and minimising any excess resources. This means keeping lower overheads while utilising the best talent for a specific task. When we enable an individual member of the team to focus on his/her strength, collectively we can ensure the best quality down to the minute detail.