Designing with Disruptors by Tomaz Goh

By Tomaz Goh

Successful entrepreneurs are creative thinkers and problem solvers. Those who are able to successfully start and sustain their own businesses are the ones who think differently and have an exceptional mental system as compared to the vast majority. They will zig when the world zags and are constantly out of their comfort zone. They do not conform, nor do they compromise on their beliefs. They see business as a connection between man through ideas; a purpose-driven cycle of contribution and rewards.

Similarly, we believe that the true benefit of business is not derived from a one-way transactional course of demand and supply. The true dividend of a relationship business is the opportunity for continuous learning and exposure. It is only by following this belief that we are able to constantly expand our knowledge capacity and achieve maximum potential for both. No extravagance or frills. Only substantive gain.  

Working with true innovators of our generation gives us the most extraordinary opportunity to grow by leaps and bounds. Due to their atypical nature, they are one of the best people to learn from. Economically, collaborating with young startups may seem like a long-shot. Sometimes we hit, but most of the times, we missed. Nonetheless, we have to identify the key takeaway that we wish to gain from this experience apart from the dollar incentive. In order to achieve that, we need to be mentally prepared for any possible adversity and do our best to harmoniously balance all expectations.

In spite of this, the opportunity to truly define a brand and genuinely create something that matters tops everything. To achieve greater things, we believe we have to constantly challenge the given challenge. Even if it means that we have to be our own disruptors.


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The best way to predict your future is to create it by Tomaz Goh

By Siow Hansheng

"The best way to predict your future is to create it."

Words by Abraham Lincoln that I live by and they sum up my creative journey thus far. It began with me practicing Fine Arts, however I shifted my focus towards Product Design. Few anticipated the change that I made from one discipline to another. During my stint as a product designer, I learnt and picked up an entirely new set of skills that widened my perspective and enriched my knowledge. As the years passed, it brought me a sense of achievement, satisfaction and most importantly, it gave me the confidence to chart new goals and execute personal ventures.

Just as everyone had settled on the idea of me as a Product Designer, I was unsettled. There seemed to be an integral part of my learning that was missing. Thus, I leaped out of my comfort zone and discovered that my interest truly lies in Visual Communication. I seized the opportunity and never turned back since.

It is never easy giving up what you are comfortable with. The fear of the unknown and the rejection from people is very real. I know that if I keep an open mind to new things, I will not be easily jaded but become stronger from the trials that I go through. I am thankful and really fortunate to have the chance to meet people who have supported and guide me along the way. These holistic experiences have enabled me to see things in a new light, develop more insight and shape the values that I live by.

As I forge on ahead, with the words of Abraham Lincoln and the advice of many guiding me, I will continue to seek out and discover what is best for me.

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Why Design Matters by Tomaz Goh

By Tomaz Goh

Design is all around us. However, most of us do not give it a good thought about how it shapes and impacts our daily lives and how it influences our decisions. The visual treat, its ease of use and the palpable texture all contribute to shaping our experience. We can definitely feel the impact of a good design experience. No matter which channel of engagement the audience is participating in, a well thought out design can optimize and manage perception and experiences effortlessly.

Good design influences everything from corporate culture to consumer behaviour. Successful companies understand that design is far more profound that just a visual artefact. People instantly and subconsciously respond design that they can relate to. The world's most charismatic brand, like Apple, Nike, Uniqlo, Aesop, bring forth this insight and use design to create an unforgettable branded experience that both excites and inspires their customers. By fusing the power of design into their core business models, they are able to achieve measurable ROIs and most importantly, convert their customers into disciples who are devoted to their brand. These brands create a deeper and stronger connection with their target audience that are unshakable by even the fiercest wind that threaten to sweep them away with the next trend. 

We are already moving away from the age of social networking, where it plainly consists of mindless up-votes and clicking the follow button, into a more exclusive era where audiences are far more scrutinising and savvy while voyaging through the ocean of marketing. Design is more crucial than ever in this season to help companies and individuals navigate through the abundance of marketing noise to get noticed. While short term shout-and-greet tactics can help push an initial awareness or sale, only businesses who design their brand experience can truly stand out amidst the crowd. This will ensure that in the long run, the business remain competitive, relevant and on the journey towards a more profitable and sustainable future.

Businesses need to wake up from their slumber and change their perspective of design as a beneficial investment rather than a nonessential expenditure. While transactional gain brings about short-lived and temporal satisfaction to the customer, design rewards them with the indelible dividend of acknowledgment of the individual tastes and consciousness.

Design is the universal currency of persuasiveness.


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