AUGHT – Communication design


The best way to predict your future is to create it

"The best way to predict your future is to create it."

Words by Abraham Lincoln that I live by and they sum up my creative journey thus far. It began with me practicing Fine Arts, however I shifted my focus towards Product Design. Few anticipated the change that I made from one discipline to another. During my stint as a product designer, I learnt and picked up an entirely new set of skills that widened my perspective and enriched my knowledge. As the years passed, it brought me a sense of achievement, satisfaction and most importantly, it gave me the confidence to chart new goals and execute personal ventures.

Just as everyone had settled on the idea of me as a Product Designer, I was unsettled. There seemed to be an integral part of my learning that was missing. Thus, I leaped out of my comfort zone and discovered that my interest truly lies in Visual Communication. I seized the opportunity and never turned back since.

It is never easy giving up what you are comfortable with. The fear of the unknown and the rejection from people is very real. I know that if I keep an open mind to new things, I will not be easily jaded but become stronger from the trials that I go through. I am thankful and really fortunate to have the chance to meet people who have supported and guide me along the way. These holistic experiences have enabled me to see things in a new light, develop more insight and shape the values that I live by.

As I forge on ahead, with the words of Abraham Lincoln and the advice of many guiding me, I will continue to seek out and discover what is best for me.

By Siow Hansheng

Tomaz Goh