AUGHT – Communication design


Designing with disruptors

Successful entrepreneurs are creative thinkers and problem solvers. Those who are able to successfully start and sustain their own businesses are the ones who think differently and have an exceptional mental system as compared to the vast majority. They will zig when the world zags and are constantly out of their comfort zone. They do not conform, nor do they compromise on their beliefs. They see business as a connection between man through ideas; a purpose-driven cycle of contribution and rewards.

Similarly, we believe that the true benefit of business is not derived from a one-way transactional course of demand and supply. The true dividend of a relationship business is the opportunity for continuous learning and exposure. It is only by following this belief that we are able to constantly expand our knowledge capacity and achieve maximum potential for both. No extravagance or frills. Only substantive gain.  

Working with true innovators of our generation gives us the most extraordinary opportunity to grow by leaps and bounds. Due to their atypical nature, they are one of the best people to learn from. Economically, collaborating with young startups may seem like a long-shot. Sometimes we hit, but most of the times, we missed. Nonetheless, we have to identify the key takeaway that we wish to gain from this experience apart from the dollar incentive. In order to achieve that, we need to be mentally prepared for any possible adversity and do our best to harmoniously balance all expectations.

In spite of this, the opportunity to truly define a brand and genuinely create something that matters tops everything. To achieve greater things, we believe we have to constantly challenge the given challenge. Even if it means that we have to be our own disruptors.

Tomaz Goh