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Tomaz Goh
Communication Strategy & Design

‘To design something away from what is true, is not design at all’

Tomaz always strives for things to be designed with simplicity and honesty. He firmly believes that in design, one should always focus on values and significance in order to appreciate the true beauty beyond aesthetics.

Before founding AUGHT, Tomaz worked for some of the globally most notable creative branding and advertising agencies like Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), Interbrand and The Partners. Tomaz has also been a judge for the Crowbar awards, a guest speaker and guest examiner for First Media Design School and Raffles Design Institutions respectively, as well as a featured artist for Tiger beer ‘Tiger translate’ initiative and Uniqlo UT x Cannes Lions collection.



在成立AUGHT之前,Tomaz曾在幾間全球知名的創意產業及廣告公司工作,比如英國的Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH)、美國的Interbrand、以及英國的The Partners。他也曾任新加坡Crowbar大獎的評審、First Media Design School 及 Raffles Design Institutions兩所學院的客座講師及審查員。同時,Tomaz也曾任Tiger Beer "Tiger translate"活動的视觉艺术家、及Uniqlo UT x Cannes Lions系列的設計者。