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Emily Tan

Emily believes that beneath the human diversification in interest, culture and social differences, there is always a common ground that binds us together. Her fascination with this idea had continually led her to pursue a profession that focuses on connecting people through creative means. 

Starting her career as a communication designer, Emily had since tread between industries such as design, Infotech, press, advertising and direct marketing. She is intrigued by the power of communication and recognises that most marketing engagement challenges faced by businesses are not industry exclusive, but made liable by people.

During her last tenure at Riway International as Brand Manager, she is one of the pioneers that helped to define what the company brand is today. She works closely with her Chief Marketing Officer; assisting her in strategising marketing plans, overseeing the company's external communication and tends to the internal communication among the executives. Managing countless company events annually throughout the region, She is no stranger to uniting different people together to deliver in unison.

She comprehended that when we look for a place where we can empathise and confer mutually and earnestly together, we can attain sophistication in any collaboration.