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What began as learning an essential life skill, became the very thing that defined my life. While my passion for swimming is able to bring success and has inspired many, I knew that I wanted to do something more; I wanted to give every child the same opportunity that I had, to dream bigger.
— J.S.

Joseph Schooling's Olympic gold medal achievement at Rio 2016 had given most Singaporean a realisation what is deem unattainable previously; to success with the greatness that moved a nation. As the first-ever Olympic gold medalist from this little red dot, Joseph hopes his success can bring inspiration and strengthen belief for the younger generation in the pursuit of their dream.

AUGHT is honoured to be entrusted the task to create not only a brand that is of significance to Joseph Schooling and Singapore's sport but also an entity with a path forward that dares the Swim Schooler to start dreaming, start swimming, start Schooling.

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Swim Schooling 8 Stages Awards

The 8 stages awards are designed to cater and train our Swim Schooler in different swimming proficiency. One of AUGHT main task is to create the different tiers of proficiency that the children could understand and relate. Every stage recognised the Swim Schooler’s performance and taking joy in what they have attained by personifies their achievement.

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GoJOJO! and GoJOJO! Distance Awards

We believed one of the ways to unearth and bring out a Swim Schooler potential in him/her, is to let them embrace their uniqueness, have a little fun, and ultimately, to recognise their strength and make it work for them.

Hence, we wanted to inject more personality, vibrancy, dramatic and make these awards less stern and favourable. We hope through these ‘role-play’ naming, the kids and adult alike can have fun picturing themselves in these whimsical impersonations when they are awarded based on these outstanding characteristics of theirs.

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