AUGHT – Communication design

Why and What is AUGHT?



Why and what

/awt, ôt/

AUGHT in UK English is a pronoun meaning ‘anything; whatever’.

When we tried explaining the literal meaning of the word ‘AUGHT' to people, most of them will end up in a baffling state. Confused by the notion of vagueness that the word portrayed, wondering “How does this word relates or projects your business?” 

Well, it was never intended to, at least not directly. The name AUGHT was not derived from any business-related agenda nor motivation; despite that branding is our forte. Although oxymoronically sounded, but our intention to start this design outfit from the beginning is never to approach 'design as the business', but instead, 'business through design'. Hence, the name was realised.

AUGHT is not about what the modern world has pretext design into. The rationale behind the chosen name is to manifest a personal ideology towards our way of design and our need to embrace the anything-ness of life, through the openness of mind.

It is a name-mark that was born out from our conscious mind. Our modest hope that it will be of symbolism and serving a purpose; to represent and be able to repurpose with the time.